Katherine Spooner

Head of Water, Business in the Community

Dr Fai Fung

UKCP18 Climate Services Manager, The Met Office

Matt Crossman

Team Leader, Flood, Water & Waste, National Infrastructure Commission

Andy Brown

Flood Risk Manager - Strategic Overview, Environment Agency

Ruth Burnham

Senior Flood and Water Officer, Northamptonshire County Council

Matt Ellis

Climate Resilience Officer, Greater Manchester Combined Authority

Steena Nasapen-Watson

Sustainable Sewerage Manager, Northumbrian Water

Thomas Smith

Flood Risk Consultant, Unda Consulting

Laura Kitson

Strategic Flood Risk Planning Advisor, Environment Agency

Suzanne Scobie

Associate, Infrastructure & Sustainability, AECOM

Matthew Barker

Technical Lead, BRE Centre for Resilience

Julia Beeden

Flood Risk & Biodiversity Business Manager, Cambridgeshire County Council

Hannah Coogan

Technical Director, Flood Risk Management, JBA Consulting