Terms and Conditions

Please find below the terms and conditions for accessing content on Environment Analyst, including content on our Environment Analyst UK and Environment Analyst Global sites, and for attending our events. Your continued use of our content and/or attendance at our events constitutes acceptance of these terms.

1. Intellectual Property

Environment Analyst Ltd (EAL) will rigorously defend its copyright and the Intellectual Property in its software, designs and brands, including Environment Analyst and Environment Analyst UK and Environment Analyst Global. Circulation, copying or translation of our reports, newsletters, articles, webinars or event proceedings (collectively “EAL Content”) is not permitted without our consent. If you would like to copy, translate or circulate any of EAL Content, whether electronically or in print, you must contact us first to seek our consent or to purchase access rights, as appropriate.

The term "Intellectual Property" means, copyrights, database rights, trademarks, trade names, domain names, rights in logos, get-up and content, inventions, trade secrets and know-how, patents, all rights of whatever nature in computer software and data, all rights of privacy and all intangible rights and privileges of a nature similar to any of the above, in every case in any part of the world and whether or not registered; and including all granted or pending registrations, and all rights to make applications for registration in respect of any of the same.

All Intellectual Property rights in EAL Content and design of EAL websites and any material emailed to you or otherwise supplied to you in conjunction with our online products are the property of EAL. You may not use or reproduce any EAL Intellectual Property, including any trademarks, registered or unregistered, (such as Environment Analyst, Environment Analyst UK and Environment Analyst Global names and logos or other trade names appearing on the web sites) for any reason without written permission from EAL.

The software which operates the websites is proprietary software and you may not use it except as expressly allowed under these terms. You may not copy, reverse engineer, modify or otherwise deal with the software.

2. Access Rights, Fees and User Licensing

While some limited content on our websites is accessible to all website visitors, most EAL content is accessible only by paid subscription. A subscription permits named users to read and download content on our website. Your subscription will state the number of users permitted to access specified service(s).

It is a breach of copyright to share access codes or to circulate EAL content to colleagues or other third parties who are not registered with EAL as members of your subscription team. For avoidance of doubt subscribers are not acquiring any copyright licence over our content. You may not display the EAL Content on a public bulletin board, ftp site, website, chat room or by any other unauthorised means.

Discounted rates are available on request should you wish to add colleagues to your current subscription plan - please contact us at sales@environment-analyst.com for more details.

EAL reserves the right to withdraw or vary subscription services at its sole discretion and the maximum liability owing to any individual customer will be the value of the remaining subscription term measured pro-rata for the number of remaining months compared with the length of the original subscription term.

3. Free Circulation of Email Alerts and RSS News Feeds

EAL hereby gives consent for readers to forward email alerts from Environment Analyst, Environment Analyst UK or Environment Analyst Global to up to 10 colleagues providing that hyperlinks pointing users back to our websites remain in place, and it is made clear that the content is provided by EAL.

EAL hereby gives consent for readers to install our RSS news feed (e.g. /feeds/news.xml) on their websites, provided that hyperlinks pointing users back to our website remain in place, and it is made clear that the content is provided by EAL.

4. Cancellation policy

Events. Delegate fees in relation to EAL conferences, workshops, webinars and seminars must be paid in full in advance.  

Cancellations policy:

  • Cancellations made 28 days prior to the event - no cancellation fee
  • Cancellations made 14 days prior to the event  - 50% of ticket price 
  • Cancellations made with less than 14 days notice  - 100% of ticket price

Corporate Memberships. If members cancel their subscription within the first three months of their current annual contract they will receive a refund for the outstanding nine months. This does not apply to Strategic Members (and subscribers to our Market Intelligence Service) for whom no refund is offered in the event of cancellation.

5. Privacy Policy, Cookies

Environment Analyst values your privacy, and operates a privacy policy which you can view here.

6. Trading Address and Registered Address

  • Trading Address: Environment Analyst Ltd, Talbot House, Market Street, Shrewsbury SY1 1LG, United Kingdom.
  • Registered Address (mainly used for legal correspondence): Environment Analyst Ltd, 6 Claremont Buildings, Claremont Bank, Shrewsbury SY1 1RJ, United Kingdom.
  • Company Number for Environment Analyst Ltd is 07333162 (registered in England & Wales).

7. Legal Disclaimer

The information presented in EAL websites, reports and events is sourced with care and attention to ensure it is useful to our customers. However, it is not legal or professional advice and readers must seek appropriate advice before basing actions on it. EAL cannot be held liable for any decisions made based on information we provide.

EAL makes no warranty, express or implied concerning EAL content. EAL does not guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of EAL content, or that its websites or related systems are free from viruses or other contaminating or destructive properties. In the event that EAL incurs any liability whatsoever, the aggregate liability shall not exceed the amount that you originally paid for the service.

8. Changes to Content and Access Terms

EAL reserves the right, in its discretion, to suspend, change, modify, add or remove portions of EAL content available on the websites at any time, to restrict the use and accessibility of the websites, and to terminate or suspend individual or group access to all or part of its websites

9. Registration, Passwords and Responsibilities

You are solely responsible for the confidentiality and use of and access to the EAL content using your username, password or ID. You agree to immediately notify EAL if you become aware of any loss or theft of any username, password or ID or any unauthorised use. EAL reserves the right to monitor and record activity on its websites.

10. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, English law. Any disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.