Event overview

In the webinar John Naylor, Technical Director, GGS, discusses:

  • History of the development of ground gas risk assessment and how it has changed
  • Further revision of methodologies and if continuous monitoring will play a role

John will be going into further detail on ground-gas continuous monitoring and new analysis tools for risk assessment at the Brownfield Redevelopment: North conference on 13 November in Leeds.

Webinar recording:

Speaker: John Naylor Technical Director, GGS

John joined Ground Gas Solutions in 2009 as Technical Director and has 20 years professional experience working in the contaminated land sector with regulators, developers, consultants, and local government.  

John has a BSc in Geology from the University of Manchester and is a Chartered Environmentalist through the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment. During this career he has worked to improve contaminated land investigation, assessment and remediation at both a practical and regulatory level.  

In 2008 John joined the research team developing in-situ continuous ground gas monitoring methodologies for a wide range of applications. Since 2011 he has also worked closely with a number of on-shore petroleum companies to develop effective baseline and operational environmental monitoring strategies using continuous monitoring technology.

John is also an active member of numerous industry standard organisations, including Environmental Protection UK, and he is the current vice-chair of the Radon Council.