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The fifth of six webinars in the series is designed to help practitioners look beyond the UK and prepare for the challenges within Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA). Mark King will use his incredible depth of experience to provide an expert perspective on what international financial institutions are seeking through the application of ESIA and how subtle differences in the standards between Banks can influence practice.

With this webinar the series takes its first step into the ‘other world’ of EIA, where ESIA is used as a tool to inform decision-makers, often within banks, as to the likely environmental and social consequences of deciding to loan money to a specific project and what measures are needed to manage the associated risks. Mark will start with a quick refresher of the role of ESIA in the world of international finance and where it sits within the wider Environmental and Social Governance framework.

The webinar will then dive straight in to the multiple challenges that can, and often do, arise in this area of practice. Mark will set out the types of skills needed to deliver effective practice when good environmental / social information is in short supply, the pressure to deliver finance is on and uncertainties around free, prior and informed consent from stakeholders are high.

Mark will draw on his experience to provide practical advice on how to overcome key pitfalls and where close attention is needed due to the gaps and overlaps between differing ESG requirements. Such variations must be effectively managed if the practitioner is to deliver a useful assessment that positively influences the loan decision and any subsequent development enabled through it.

The webinar presentation will conclude with a professional discussion between Mark and Josh Fothergill to further unwrap and explore some of the key areas for ESIA practice, before opening to respond to your own questions.

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Webinars in the series:

Speaker: Mark King, Independent Expert, Environmental & Social Governance (ESG)

Mark is an internationally recognised expert on ESG and sustainability issues. He has over 35 years’ of international ESG experience across project assessment and management, policy and capacity building.  Mark was formerly the Chief Environmental and Social Standards Officer at the World Bank, where he led the review of the World Bank ‘s safeguard policies and development of its Environmental and Social Framework (ESF) as well as providing direction to over 500 safeguards staff.  Prior to his time at the World Bank, he led the review and revision of successive EBRD sustainability policies, procedures and requirements.

He has experience working with financial institutions, inter-governmental agencies, borrowers, NGOs, consultancies and clients on the full range of sustainability issues such as human rights, labour issues, indigenous peoples, cultural and other social issues, health and safety and  environmental issues.  During his career, he has worked extensively with lending and investing financial institutions especially in developing ESMSs and capacity building. 

Mark pioneered many of the ESMS approaches employed by Financial Intermediaries today. He has also drawn upon his substantial project-based expertise and experience to make contributions at a more strategic level; such as in developing corporate, sectoral and national policies and strategies and corporate Environmental and Social Management Systems. 

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