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The sixth and final webinar in this series designed to help EIA practitioners understand and prepare for future challenges will see Josh review progress across the development of digital EIA. The webinar will explore the different scales at which digital technologies and approaches can assist EIA and how this presents both challenge and opportunity to practice.

From making scoping easier and more engaging through interactive web-tools, through gathering data digitally / with drones, to building a whole new approach to the construction of an Environmental Statement to deliver an enhanced digital product there is huge scope for development across the EIA market. But, all this opportunity presents a huge series of questions for EIA practice:

  • Where to start?
  • What to prioritise?
  • How to get clients and stakeholder buy-in?
  • Will Artificial Intelligence out-perform competent experts in evaluating significance?

These issues and more will be explored in this interesting and engaging review of the breadth and current state of the UK’s (potential) Digital EIA revolution.

This webinar is free for corporate members of our Development + Infrastructure Service and Market Intelligence Service .

Webinars in the series:

Speaker: Josh Fothergill

Josh has expertise and experience across impact assessment, capacity building, sustainable resource management and integrating sustainability in business, spending much of the last decade as Policy Lead at IEMA - the professional body for cross-cutting environmental and sustainability management. 

Josh is particularly adept at solving complex problems and providing respected Professionally, Josh is Coordinator of Scotland's annual EIA Community Conference, on Transform Magazine's editorial board and a Steering Group member for both IEMA's Impact Assessment Network and its Global Environmental & Social Assessment Group. He is a former Chair of the IAIA's Ireland & UK Branch and has helped organised multiple IAIA symposia.

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