Event overview

Ahead of our Groundwater 2019 (27 March, London), speaker Tim Op ’t Eydnt, Managing Director, iFLUX, hosted a webinar on Flux-controlled remediation & risk management: strategy and examples.

This webinar covers:

  • How flux measurements deliver accurate and essential information for groundwater research & management
  • How to determine remediation urgencies and priority source zones
  • Benefits of mass flux in remedial design and the monitoring of remediation efficiency

Webinar recording

To download the recording click here.
To download the slide show presentation click here.

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Tim Op ‘t Eyndt – co-founder and CEO of iFLUX

Tim is co-founder of iFLUX. The spin-off company
of the Flemish Research and Technology
Organisation (VITO) and the University of Antwerp
was founded in 2017 but had a long history of
several research and development projects to
to create the unique iFLUX technology.


Goedele Verreydt – co-founder and CTO of iFLUX

Goedele is Inventor of the iFLUX technology
and expert in terms of flux sampling of soil
and groundwater contamination. Goedele has
both gained experience in the consultancy sector
as a remediation consultant, as well as in the
research world, where she has not only led
PhD research, but was also responsible for 
the entire iFLUX development process.


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