Event overview

The third in a series of four webinars designed to help EIA practitioners understand and prepare for future challenges will see Josh Fothergill tackle one of the industry’s most subjective questions: At what point is an impact deemed to be significant?

With the consequences of a development or activity often in the eye of the beholder, the issue of “significance” can be the subject of heated discussion.

Josh asks what value a significance matrix can provide when the thresholds of acceptance vary between topic, sector and even time and place. Should EIA coordinators continue to aim to get each topic to use the same approach and terminology? Could better consideration of uncertainty actually provide EIA with more influence in the decision-making process?

With environmental planning and permitting increasingly broken down into black and white thinking, this webinar will ask how we manage EIA in a colourful world.

This webinar is free for Development & Infrastructure premium members, and premium members of Environment Analyst's Market Intelligence service can receive 15% off.

Speaker: Josh Fothergill

Josh has expertise and experience across impact assessment, capacity building, sustainable resource management and integrating sustainability in business, spending much of the last decade as Policy Lead at IEMA - the professional body for cross-cutting environmental and sustainability management. 

Josh is particularly adept at solving complex problems and providing respected Professionally, Josh is Coordinator of Scotland's annual EIA Community Conference, on Transform Magazine's editorial board and a Steering Group member for both IEMA's Impact Assessment Network and its Global Environmental & Social Assessment Group. He is a former Chair of the IAIA's Ireland & UK Branch and has helped organised multiple IAIA symposia.

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