Exhibitor Profile



PeroxyChem is a speciality chemicals company which, through our Environmental Solutions division, provides remediation practitioners with an unparalleled portfolio of field-proven and innovative remediation technologies. These chemistries are designed to support soil, sediment and groundwater treatment of in situ and ex situ applications.  We assist Contractors on site, but do not install ourselves.

Our business model is designed to see all projects through from start to finish – with dedicated support staff to develop remedial designs and solutions.  For 25 years, PeroxyChem’s products (formerly FMC and Adventus Technologies) have been used to successfully treat thousands of sites in Europe, the Americas, and on other continents.  Extensive Case Studies and Training webinars are available on our website: http://www.peroxychem.com/markets/environment/soil-and-groundwater.

Our scientific disciplines include:

  • In Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO)
  • In Situ Chemical Reduction (ISCR)
  • Aerobic Bioremediation (biopiles or in the ground)
  • Anaerobic Bioremediation (Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination)
  • Heavy Metals Immobilisation/Stabilisation (surface or deep mixing)