Event overview

The fifth EIA webinar of this series, designed to help EIA practitioners further develop their understanding and skills around practice, will see Josh Fothergill explore the increasing crowded world of analysis and assessment that surrounds the development, submission, consenting and delivery of an EIA development.

While disproportionate EIA is a problem across the globe, so is the issue of an increasing busy and complex set of regulatory and voluntary assessments and wider good professional practices that can lead to repetition and inefficiencies with any required EIA. This webinar will focus on how EIA can be integrated with other procedures, processes and assessments to drive efficient and effective consenting and contribute to more proportionate EIA.

Josh Fothergill will consider the linkages that can be made with: earlier assessments (e.g. SEA and Sustainability Appraisal), the design process and its sustainability ambitions, other regulatory assessments (e.g. HRA, WFD), voluntary assessments (e.g. CEEQUAL), bigger ambitions such as the SDGs and climate emergency, plus more practical links with effective planning conditions and mitigation deliverable onsite by contractors.

Integration of EIA with... will provide a whistle stop tour of EIA's ever increasing collaborative nature as practice finds itself often needing to integrate with design, delivery, HRA, CEEQUAL, Net Gain and many more aspects of the modern project consenting process.