Event overview

We are pleased to bring you a new series of webinars in partnership with Freeths LLP. The third webinar in a series of four will look at air pollution and how it can affect your development site.

The webinar will give you insights on the following:

  • Background:
    • Ambient air quality including:
      • The UK’s National Air Strategy (and legal challenges)
      • Air quality standards, plans and clean air zones
    • Point source emissions including environmental permitting
  • Construction specific issues:
    • Nuisance – including dust and smoke
    • Non Road Mobile Machinery (diesel emissions from site plant and machinery)
  • Interaction between planning and environmental regimes

Note: this webinar is designed to be relevant to development sites. Therefore, it will not include detailed consideration of, for example, climate change and clean energy strategies or regulation of industrial installations.

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In partnership with: