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Steve Edgar

Steve Edgar

Managing Director (Designate), Vertase FLI

Steve is a director at VertaseFLI, one of the leading technical contaminated land contractors active in the UK. He is an active member, and the former Chairman, of the CL:AIRE Technology and Research Group as well as a founding member of RemSoc.  He was involved in the release of the Asbestos in Soils industry guidance published by CL:AIRE (CAR-SOIL(TM)).

He has many years of experience all forms of remediation from the simple to the highly complex including earthworks based and more complex in-situ remediation works.  His skills are particularly focused around more complex multi-technology remediation projects, asbestos and radiation impacted soils, in addition to overseeing and directly managing remediation projects such as former tar and chemical manufacturing sites, coking works, pesticide manufacturing sites, chlorinated solvent spillages, radiological contamination and Part 2A sites.  He wishes he could just surf instead but still loves brownfield and contaminated land after over 20 years in the industry!