Event overview

Very often, the barrier to low carbon success is not a lack of technological solutions, clever tools or even money. What often holds us back is the way we’ve always done things. Breaking away from that inertia is a challenge that all organisations face, with many struggling with a combination of culture and process change. Freya Crunden, Environmental Consultant, Atkins will explore some of the behaviours individuals can cultivate to do their bit to reach Net Zero, and how an organisations can support and draw on the skills and enthusiasm of its people to reduce its carbon impact.

Speaker: Freya Crunden, Environmental Consultant, Atkins 

Freya is one of Atkins’ Net Zero Subject Matter Experts. Freya’s work in Atkins’ Infrastructure business is focused on enabling cultural change to drive down carbon emissions. Freya leads sustainability management on major project delivery frameworks from both a client and consultant side, working across value chains to enhance collaboration, upskill and enthuse teams, and make carbon reductions real through practical actions. Freya is passionate about creating new low-carbon ways of working through behaviour change and effective processes. Freya is Atkins’ technical lead on carbon assessment for EIA, and a key lead in Atkins’ growing greenhouse gas removals work area, advising on technological and nature-based climate solutions.