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Celtic Technologies Ltd


Celtic Technologies Ltd, founded in 1992, is a leading Specialist Remediation and Enabling Works Contractor with a proven track record over 25 years of successfully delivering cost effective remediation schemes. Our approach is to develop pragmatic brownfield reclamation solutions, using innovative technologies where appropriate, that focus on maximising the re-use of material on-site whilst minimising cost and programme. We operate from 3 Regional offices in Cardiff, Reading and Warrington, and 5 Soil Treatment Facilities in Skelton Grange, Leeds; Meece, Trecatti, Westmill, Redhill and an Engineering facility Mansfield.

Celtic Technologies Ltd provides all aspects of soils management including soil classification, segregation, offsite disposal and dewatering (including contaminated water treatment). Other services include on-site treatment, soil improvements/stabilisation as well as dealing with regulatory bodies including warranties. Our main aim is to save our clients significant costs by accurate classification, minimising cross contamination and cost effective disposal as well as off site (reuse) sustainable solutions. http://celtic-ltd.com/our-services/