Category 5: Best Remediation of a Smaller Site

For Categories 1-13 the Award will go to the entry that in the view of the judges best demonstrates:

• High standard of presentation and fit to category
• Notable innovation or exemplary best practice
• Cost effectiveness
• Compliance with legislation, codes and guidance
• Effective public/stakeholder engagement
• Real environmental/economic/social benefit
• A robust, sustainable and defensible solution

Category 5 must also demonstrate:

Effective approach and exemplary use of appropriate techniques in the remediation of a smaller brownfield site. As a guide, entries for this category should be for remediation projects < £0.5M value and sites < 0,5ha.

The Award will be to a single organisation - Entrants may acknowledge and include names or logos for clients, partners and fellow practitioners in their entry if they wish, however only the Entrant will be named on the Award.

Entries are now closed.


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