Event overview

Excellent two-way communication is the starting point for any successful business endeavour. Building a relationship based on trust and clarity with your clients is essential for a positive and lasting outcome.

In this first webinar we will look at the key components of successful communication, and specifically at how to improve your listening and communication skills in a business meeting, or in other business situations, like networking, for maximum impact and best outcomes.

Speaker: Virginia Cinquemani, Director, Green Gorilla Consultants



Virginia is a qualified architect, project manager and
environmental consultant. She is the director and
founder of Green Gorilla Consultants ltd, a training
and coaching company focusing on empowering
sustainability professionals to make their voices
heard and make an impact. Virginia has a deep
passion for sustainability and she is an advocate
of bridging the soft skill gap in technical fields for
maximum impact and lasting change. In her spare
time, Virginia loves creating, in particular through
illustration and photography.

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