Event overview

Hazel Davidson, Technical Marketing Manager, Derwentside Environmental Testing Services (DETS), will discuss total petroleum hydrocabons in this 1 hour webinar. The webinar is free for premium members of our Development + Infrastructure Service and corporate members of our Market Intelligence Service.

In the webinar Hazel will discuss:

  • The composition of TPH
  • Refinery products
  • Analysis using gas chromatography (VPH and EPH)
  • Example chromatograms
  • Ageing (weathering and biodegradation)
  • Summary of most effective analytical options  


Hazel joined DETS in 2012, but has worked in
the environmental testing industry for over 30
years, initially as an analyst, but then in a 
series of managerial roles. Special projects
included the integration of several laboratory
acquisitions, relocation of the laboratories to new
premises, a Phare project in Bulgaria and Romania
(implementing quality systems), and a UN project
involving training for Iraqi environmental scientists
in Jordan.

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