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Organiser: Environment Analyst / Brownfield Briefing

The fourth in a series of six webinars designed to help EIA practitioners understand and deliver effective practice will see Ben Cave address how health is considered within an EIA system that already struggles with the challenges of cumulative effects.

The EIA Directive has expected assessment to help deliver improved health outcomes for at least the last 20 years, however, it was only with the UK’s 2017 EIA Regulations that the need to place specific focus on this topic was widely recognised across practice. Ben will provide advice and perspective from nearly twenty years of private practice experience in considering health in impact assessment, via dedicated HIA, within EIA and across strategic plan level assessments.

How should practice respond to this greater focus on health? Do we just add a new chapter to the Environmental Statement and refer to the existing noise, air quality and land contamination sections? How far does an assessment that is meant to prioritise likely significant effects go into exploring the much wider social determinants of health? What are the characteristics of a development that are likely to risk impacting health and what aspects of receptors do we need to consider to better understand health and well-being effects? All of these are challenges practice must consider before we get onto evaluating significance of such effects and how a developer might seek to act to mitigate negative consequences and deliver improved health outcomes.

Ben will provide a calm and expert perspective across the piece in this timely webinar drawing on recent experience from major UK EIA projects. The webinar presentation will conclude with a professional discussion between Ben and Josh Fothergill to further unwrap and explore some of the key areas for EIA practice, before opening to respond to your own questions.

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Speaker: Ben Cave, Chief Executive, Ben Cave Associates

Ben has been a recognised specialist in health and social impact assessment for the last 20 years. He has experience across the UK, in mainland Europe and further afield with policy makers, public health academics, environment scientists and spatial planners. He has provided public health and policy advice at a senior level in local, regional, national and international arena, including advising the World Health Organization on requirements and methodologies for SEA.

He is particularly experienced in integrating health into environmental assessment (EIA & ESIA) at project level. Ben has regularly led Health Impact Assessments (HIAs) in conjunction with environmental assessments, with significant infrastructure experience across energy, mining, road and rail.

Ben is committed to improving standards and quality in the field of impact assessment and has recently been elected as the incoming President of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA). He has led research and developed tools & guidance including a review package for HIA reports (2009) and co-authoring IEMA’s Primer on Health in EIA (2017).

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