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Alistair Kean

Alistair Kean

Head of Environment & Sustainability, Lower Thames Crossing

Alistair Kean is responsible for promoting Highway England’s Sustainable Development Strategy on the Lower Thames Crossing project, a new tunnel beneath the Thames east of Dartford and 26km six-lane motorway connecting the A2 and M25.  Infrastructure development is seen as an essential driver behind national and regional economic growth, but creating new projects leads to particular challenges in providing long-term sustainable solutions.

Alistair’s background is in environmental consulting and contracting, where his previous projects included contractor-support on major rail upgrades and construction projects, environmental advice for petrochemical companies, numerous land remediation schemes and other complex geo-environmental challenges.  He has a wide experience of interpreting and complying with national and European environmental legislation.

Alistair is a Chartered Geologist and last year completed Cambridge University’s Business Sustainability Management course