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Sam Preece

Sam Preece

Regional Managing Director: United Kingdom, EBS Advisory

Sam has over 20 years’ experience leading environmental and social consulting businesses in the UK and globally, from SMEs to multinational businesses.   Having managed projects and risk management at scale, Sam is now a passionate advocate of application of capital to enable more sustainable growth and build greater impact.

He is currently applying that proven track record as an environmental consultant, contractor, ESG specialist and business director to advising those wanting to invest in high impact businesses, as well as those seeking or delivering social or environmental impact through their business activities.   

Sam has advised at board level to globals and SMEs, corporations and consultancies.  Sam currently works with a range of companies from PLCs, UK and internationally registered limited companies, project developers and limited liability partnerships. His geographic focus is from Europe to Africa.

Diverse sectoral experience, a passion for efficiency and the application of technology are daily combined to seek new and innovative ways of managing risk, improving business margins and profits while creating positive impacts around the world.

Sam currently leads the London presence for pan African ESG specialist EBS Advisory, is a Partner in transaction advisory firm All Africa Advisors LLP, is CEO of Clean Invest Africa PLC (a London listed African clean energy tech investment company), manages the Pre-Finance and Projects Division of SEC, is Managing Director of the investment tech platform Ready4Finance where he is leading the development of the Muster Impact Investment evaluation software as well as holding non-Executive Director roles with high social and or environmental companies.