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One of the main forces encouraging the effects of climate change to be considered in business and financial decision-making is the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). In November 2020, the UK became the first G20 government to mandate TCFD-aligned disclosures, specifying that all publicly listed UK companies with a premium listing will be required to “comply or explain” with the TCFD’s requirements from 2023.  Despite the recent impacts of Covid, support for the TCFD framework has continued to progress in 2020, with nearly 1500 organisations expressing support for the TCFD.

Although the focus on climate change risk assessment and TCFD alignment is growing, many industrials still need support to get started and also to improve the quality of their climate risk assessment process.

This Expert Talk brought to you by Environment Analyst's Sustainability Delivery Group will see Sarah Winne, Managing Consultant, Ramboll and Nick Howard, Principal, Ramboll share the lessons learnt through Ramboll’s experience working with industrials to distinguish between decarbonisation efforts and climate risk assessment, assess physical and transition risks and align with the TCFD. This will include an overview of the challenges industrials are experiencing when trying to assess climate risks, especially across multiple geographies and markets. We will share examples of our work helping industrials navigate the long-term time horizons required for climate risk assessment and provide recommendations for how their climate-related disclosures can be improved.

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Sarah Winne has over 17 years’ professional experience in the climate sector, specialising in climate change impacts and resilience. Her focus recently has been on climate risk assessment, helping clients to develop their resilience against a changing climate and enable them to understand the impacts across many different sectors, including infrastructure, industry, transport, and human health. In particular, Sarah has been supporting industrial clients to help them align their reporting on climate risks with the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

Nick Howard is a Principal and leads Ramboll’s UK Compliance, Strategy and Transactions team. He has over 20 years’ consultancy experience providing global ESG and EHS due diligence, risk management, compliance and permitting support to a wide range of industrial, financial and legal clients, with particular experience in the food and drink, pulp and paper, and industrial manufacturing sectors. Nick has directed diligence and compliance programmes for multinational clients and targets and has personally undertaken work in India, Russia, Colombia, Nordics, Turkey and throughout eastern and southern Europe. Nick is currently the Project Director for a TCFD-driven physical climate risk assessment project for a global multinational with over 1000 assets.

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