1. Welcome and Introduction by BGS

    Darren Beriro Darren Beriro
    Geoenvironmental Scientist, British Geological Survey
    Christopher Jackson Christopher Jackson
    Monitoring and forecasting topic leader, British Geological Survey
  2. Introduction on SuDS policy and progress

    Steve Wilson Steve Wilson
    Technical Director, The Environmental Protection Group Ltd (EPG)
  3. Early Stage Desk-Based Design Considerations for Infiltration SuDS

  4. The Role of Hydrogeological Conceptual Site Model in Infiltration SuDS Design

    • Building a hydrogeological conceptual model for SuDS design
    Hannah Fraser Hannah Fraser
    Director, Hannah Fraser Consulting Ltd
  5. The Role of Site Investigation to Provide Quality Data and Information for SuDS Design Engineers

    • The role of site investigation in SuDS design
    Russell Bowman Russell Bowman
    Director/Owner, Soil and Structures
  6. Case Study BGS SuDS Observatory

    Rachel Bell Rachel Bell
    Hydrogeologist, British Geological Survey
  7. Focus on the Participants’ Needs for Data on Ground Conditions, Decision Support Tools and Research

  8. Online Networking on our Virtual Face-to-Face Networking Platform

    Continue the discussion with our speakers and share knowledge with other attendees using our virtual face-to-face networking platform.