Event overview

The current pandemic has already had a profound impact on businesses and communities globally – an impact that will reverberate long after the short-term implications have abated.  This, perhaps more than ever, necessitates strategic thinking around managing both the short-term fallout and long-term implications for stakeholder relationships, engagements with affected communities and effective “corporate statesmanship.” Learn from the 15 years+ experience of assisting companies understand and manage license-to-operate issues and above-ground risks.  In this presentation Daniel Litvin, MD, Critical Resource (an ERM Group company)  will:

  • Present our current thinking and framework for helping companies make sense of the complex economic, commercial, political and stakeholder challenges emerging from the pandemic crisis, and how these might be managed.
  • Share learnings from our LicenseSecure service, covering assessments of over 300 projects globally.
  • Outline how we’ve previously helped companies Achieve Project Outcomes, sharing case studies of how companies have managed complex issues and what these experiences might mean for you, as you manage the ongoing crisis and prepare to operate in a “post-pandemic world”


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