Event overview

The Committee on Climate Change’s 2020 Progress Report to Parliament acknowledges that, whilst some limited steps have been taken over the last year to support the transition to a net zero economy and improve resilience to the impacts of climate change, there is still significant work to be done.    

In response, more than half of the local authorities across the UK have now declared a climate emergency

In this Expert Talk by Environment Analyst's Sustainability Delivery Group, speakers Aydin Zorlutuna, UK Director - Landscape, Masterplanning, Urbanism, Arcadis and Becky Kearney, Development Services Lead, Arcadis will discuss what this means and how impacts at a local planning policy level can be addressed. 

They will explore the challenges and opportunities of delivering net zero development and how their design and masterplanning approach can establish sustainable targets and principles toward the required balance, and crucially bind these into downstream construction and operation stages.