Event overview

Join us at our upcoming free webinar on Exploring PFAS Treatment Solutions and their Efficacy: Comparing FLUORO-SORB® Adsorbent, GAC, and Ion Exchange Resin which takes place at 14:00 BST / 9:00 EDT on 18 June.

Speakers Dr Chris Bellona, Professor at Colorado School of Mines, and Dr Michael Donovan, Global R&D Director for CETCO, will discuss various PFAS treatment solutions and their efficacy when treating drinking water, groundwater, or soil. The webinar will share results from university-led research and field pilot studies on the various treatment solutions, including FLUORO-SORB adsorbent – a proprietary media that has been proven to be 3-4 times more effective than Granular Activated Carbon.

The webinar wil cover:

  • PFAS and Current Treatment Options: Ion Exchange Resins, Granular Activated Carbon, etc.
  • FLUORO-SORB® Adsorbent: Overview
  • Drinking Water Treatment: Research conducted by Colorado School of Mines and results from a field study conducted by the Orange County, California Water District
  • Soil and Groundwater Treatment: Research conducted by McGill University
  • Source Zone Treatment and Stabilization: Research conducted by the University of Texas – Austin and results from a field study conducted by Arcadis