Event overview

This expert talk 'Consistency and robustness in the appraisal and management of Brownfield Land' will be presented Ian Evans (Wood Technical Director) who has over 30 years of experience in the geoenvironmental market, with a specific focus on support to land development and regeneration.  Ian is Chair of the Specialist in Land Condition (SiLC) Professional Technical Panel.

Ian will discuss the benefits of a robust, high quality and consistent approach to the assessment of brownfield land development risks through the land planning regime and land transactional process.  This is of particular importance at the moment due to the continued drive and need for new homes in the UK, increased transaction/sale of public owned land and the need to support the wider housing market and development sector through reuse of brownfield land.  The presentation will focus on improvements to the quality of brownfield land risk assessment and management through use of the National Quality Mark Scheme (NQMS), as delivered by Suitably Qualified and Experienced Person (SQPs) to provide a robust and competent approach to defining, managing and remediation brownfield risks through the development/transactional process.