Event overview

The fourth of EIA webinars in this series, designed to help EIA practitioners further develop their understanding and skills around practice, will see Professor Thomas Fischer (University of Liverpool) pass his expert eye over trends in impact assessment research and consider how these may / are already influencing practice.

Data shows that the majority of EIA practitioners and environmental topics experts working on assessments in the UK have an undergraduate degree and often a masters on top of this. But once we get free of our academic learning how often do we look back, reflect and apply our hard learnt research practice into advancing the way we undertake practice?

In EIA practice we are often under time pressure jumping from one assessment to the next, month by month, sometimes even day to day. But while we continue on the tread mill of practice research into effective, EIA, SEA, Health Impact Assessment and its connections to planning and consenting continues apace around the world.

Too infrequently do the worlds of the expert EIA researcher and EIA practitioner align to allow regular and effective cross pollination of advances and examples. This webinar will help break that barrier to provide you with the opportunity to hear from the UK’s only Impact Assessment Professor – Thomas Fischer who leads IA research and teaching at Liverpool University.

The EIA and research webinar – will allow you to discover the trends developing within and around EIA, how research views the UK and global development of the tool and what this might mean for practice; all delivered by a leading expert in global IA research.